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Our young, successfully developing, promising company "Brizton" is engaged in the sale of elite varieties of tea. In a wide assortment, we offer green tea of ​​excellent quality, collected on the plantations of the world’s leading "tea powers".

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Today, no one doubts the benefits of green tea. And many consumers have completely changed their priorities in favor of green teas. Green tea in large quantities contains substances that positively affect the functioning of the brain, stomach and other organs, has antiseptic properties. It is no accident that residents of East Asian countries, where the tea tradition has been cultivated for centuries, prefer a cup of good green tea containing more than 500 useful elements and organic compounds to all pharmacy medicines.

It is this kind of healing, nutritious, beneficial effect on the physical and emotional state, magnificent green tea that our company offers to the attention of customers.

In the assortment of the company Brizton are widely represented:

· Leaf teas – · Twisted teas – · Oolong tea – · Teas with herbal and fruit additives, such as: o Jasmine-o Strawberries-o Lemon-o Hibiscus-o Cinnamon-o Fennel-o Mint-o Mango, etc.

There are both traditional and completely unexpected combinations, for example, with black pepper content for special connoisseurs and those who are looking for a new, original taste.

Only the uppermost, youngest and most tender leaves go into tea production. Old and mature leaves are used to make lower-grade teas. And, just as manufacturers carefully monitor the quality of their products, we also carefully follow all the necessary rules.

All aromatic and flavoring additives, as well as the tea raw materials themselves, have a completely natural origin. We completely exclude even the slightest presence of synthetic impurities, taste and color improvers. With a magnificent view, color, taste and aroma, our products owe only to carefully developed technologies for growing, collecting, processing and blending.

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