Does Tea for Weight Loss Help

Does slimming tea help after a diet?

Every time I visit a pharmacy, I see slimming teas on the shelves. Both Chinese teas and ours are sold, some of which are called “Lose Weight Tea”.

It’s good that I have dietitian friends whom I can always call and ask if weight loss tea helps to lose weight or if they try to deceive us again.

– With the help of slimming tea, you can lose 1-2 kilograms and cleanse some parts of the intestine – in particular, the rectum and sigma. After all, the action of a slimming drink is based on a diuretic or laxative effect. But on this, the positive effect on the body, unfortunately, ceases, ”says Natalia Lyutova, a nutritionist at the Palette of Nutrition Center.

According to the expert, if a person drinks tea for weight loss for many days in a row, and then stops – there is a serious malfunction in the intestines. The microflora is broken, constipation may appear. It turns out that the body simply loses its ability to independently produce decay products! If tea has a diuretic effect, then there is a risk of losing too much fluid.

– Diuretic tea will help you lose a few pounds. But further loss of fluid may result in repeated weight gain, ”warns Natalia Lyutova. – After all, liquid is a kind of metabolic engine! Many vitamins and minerals enter the cells only by dissolving in a liquid. If it is not enough, the work of cells is disrupted. And the metabolism slows down.

– In addition, many teas contain herbs that are often unhealthy, the nutritionist says. – Chamomile, for example, relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus, and can cause menstrual irregularities, hormonal failure.

Another “unreliable” ingredient in many weight loss teas is senna. It contains resins that can lead to intestinal cramps, nausea, and even cardiac arrhythmias. Oregano is also dangerous: this toxic plant generally belongs to the category of poisonous. Of course, there is not much of it in tea, but if you drink it for a long time, you can go to the hospital. Nettle increases blood coagulability, can lead to thrombosis, clogging of blood vessels – and, as a result, to coronary heart disease.

– I would not recommend using slimming teas at all – even in addition to diet, ”said Natalia Lyutova. – It is better to replace them with homemade decoctions. After all, there are plants that help improve the shape.

For example, mint belongs to them: thanks to it, the body better assimilates food, and fat is more actively broken down. Rosehip and mountain ash improve metabolism. The latter, however, lowers blood pressure, therefore it is contraindicated in hypotensive patients.

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