Green Tea and Slimming

Green tea for weight loss and body cleansing

No, this is not about the famous magic teas, which promise -20 kg per week during a tea party with half the cake, but about real tea. If you properly spend the fasting day and use the right tea for weight loss, you can significantly improve your physical condition and, even, lose a couple of extra pounds.

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When we talk about tea for weight loss, it is worthwhile to understand that such tea has its “unloading” actions due to diuretic and choleretic effects, therefore, it is worth being careful. Especially if there are certain medical conditions or not in the vicinity of the toilet.

One of the rather effective and interesting options for slimming tea is milk tea. It does not matter if it is black or green tea, the main thing is that with milk. Traditionally, slimming tea is green, but in front of milk all teas are equal. It’s all about milk, which will dull our hunger for the whole day, and black tea, by the way, will give more strength to both the body and the brain. Therefore, the choice of color of tea is yours.

Why do we need milk tea?

An unloading day on tea with milk is quite useful if there are no problems with the kidneys or stomach. And, as we have already said, the whole point here is really in milk.

Fasting day suggests that you need to drink a minimum of one and a half liters of tea per day.

This is due to the fact that tea is a vehicle for the body in a difficult path of milk assimilation, which is not always beneficial for adults (especially those who have problems of the gastrointestinal tract). So, tannin in tea envelops the gastric mucosa, making it less susceptible to the negative processes of milk fermentation. And milk, in turn, neutralizes the effect of caffeine. And so they help each other, working for the good of us.

Milk Tea Recipe

The correct tea for weight loss with milk still needs to be prepared according to a well-thought-out recipe and follow it like the Hobbits to Mordor. There are several options for a slimming tea recipe.

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Heat a liter and a half of skim milk until the first bubbles appear (do not boil, this is important), put two tablespoons of tea and let it brew for five to ten minutes, depending on what kind of strength you want tea. Next, strain the composition, drain into a thermos and use the resulting tea for weight loss with milk throughout the entire unloading day.

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