How much to brew green tea

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It is enough that the water just boils. While the water is boiling, pour the right amount of tea into a porcelain, earthenware, and even better ceramic kettle, heated and rinsed with boiling water. In many families, tea is brewed in a special teapot, and then, pouring into cups, the tea leaves are diluted with boiling water. Should I do this? Experts recommend brewing tea immediately in a large teapot and pour it into cups from it.

How much dry tea do you need? The maximum rate is 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water.

How long does it take to brew tea? Approximately 5-7 minutes, tightly covering the kettle with a lid and covering it with a napkin that allows steam to pass through, but retains the essential oils that add flavor to the tea.

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You can evaluate the taste of tea if, slowly and leisurely, enjoying each sip, drink it from earthenware or porcelain cups for 15 minutes after brewing. Remember: fresh tea is like a balm.

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