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Oolong tea or oolong refers to semi-fermented teas. According to the degree of fermentation, it takes place between green and red (black) tea. The degree of fermentation of this product is from 40 to 60 percent.

Milk tea, oolong ginseng – these are high-quality, selected varieties that are delivered to your tea table directly from distant China!

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Where does oolong grow

This tea can only be found in China and in only three places:

about. Taiwan-Guangdong-the northern and southern areas of Fujian. What is this drink with the amazing name "oolong"?

This name comes from English. It spread after reading it incorrectly.

To produce real Chinese oolongs, only adult tea leaves are used. They are tightly twisted into lumps in order to ensure minimal contact of the tea leaf with air. Otherwise, the tea will undergo excessive fermentation in air. The most famous varieties are:

Dong Ding Oolong-Te Guanin-Zhou Gui (Cinnamon from the mountains) – Huang Jin Gui (Golden Cinnamon). Useful properties of oolong tea

Oolong tea is popular largely due to its useful properties:

Chinese oolong tea is a powerful antioxidant, effectively fights aging, prevents the development of cancer, normalizes blood pressure, fights hypertension, and is used for weight loss.

Chinese oolong tea always allows you to keep your figure in good shape, thanks to polyphenol compounds.

Oolong milk tea

Oolong milk tea is made only from the leaves of the tea bush Jin Xuan (Golden Flower). Miracle leaves have a delicate milky aroma. The beneficial properties of such tea include:

strengthening the cardiovascular system-lowering pressure-normalizing cholesterol-strengthening immunity in general-stimulating metabolic processes in the body-preventing cancer

One cup of oolong green milk tea contains about three kilocalories.

Storage conditions

Light oolongs should be stored in the refrigerator, dark ones should be stored in room conditions, certainly in the same dark and cool and dry place, where there are no drafts and extraneous odors.

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