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Linden tea: benefits and harms

Everyone knows the fragrant smell of linden during flowering. It was during this period – from late June to early July – that it was customary to collect the flowers of this plant in order to dry it, and in winter, making a cup of fragrant linden tea, remember the summer …

But what else, besides pleasant memories, are the beneficial properties of linden tea? Let’s figure it out!

Linden Tea – Benefits

Traditional medicine has long recognized the beneficial properties of linden tea, so dried linden flowers can easily be found in any pharmacy. And if so, then these properties are tested and proven not only by our grandmothers, but also by specialists.

Firstly, linden tea in large quantities contains volatile, tannins and vitamins A and C. This set of useful substances makes linden tea a terrific antiseptic. Also, for colds, linden tea has excellent diaphoretic and expectorant effects. If you catch a cold, or halfway to this – immediately start drinking linden tea, adding to it (but not boiling water) a spoonful of honey from the flowers of this tree. No infections and viruses will catch you after such a vitamin bomb! Secondly, this tea can be safely called a "female drink". It contains a large number of natural phytohormones, similar to the female ones produced by the body. That is why it is recommended to drink such tea during menopause – it compensates for the lack of hormones, thereby improving women’s well-being. Also, linden tea is advised to drink in case of malfunctions of the menstrual cycle and tumors of the female genital organs. Thirdly, linden tea is your ally in the struggle for beauty, dear ladies. It helps to maintain the youthfulness of your skin, and stimulates the burning of calories, which accelerates the loss of extra pounds. If you take a habit of washing your face with linden tea every morning, then your skin will stay taut for a long time and your pores will narrow significantly. illnesses. Linden has the ability to relieve swelling, and due to its natural origin can be used by pregnant women. Important! Before using during pregnancy, consult your doctor! Fifth, tea has a calming effect on the nervous system. You can treat yourself to a cup of this tea in the evening, especially if the past day was too stressful. Lipa will help you relax and quickly plunge into a sound and healthy sleep. Also, baths with linden blossom are taken for these purposes. And, finally, sixthly, thanks to the presence of the same volatile and essential oils, tea from linden flowers maintains your immunity at an excellent level, which is especially important now, at the beginning of the cold season !

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