Tea Ceremonies in China

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Tea culture in China is a special ritual that does not endure rush and includes not only the process of making tea, but also the occasion and the situation when drinking tea, dishes and other auxiliary tools.

Before you understand why the tea ceremony in China is so fascinating and attractive, you first need to determine the role of this drink in the country’s culture.

The Importance of Tea for Chinese Culture

In China, there are seven things that a person needs to live daily (rice, firewood, oil, salt, vinegar and soy sauce), and tea is one of the first places on this list. The use of this drink is a pleasant pastime, both at everyday and at the holiday table. In addition, tea is an integral part of all official and traditional events, ceremonies. And it is unlikely that there will be at least one person in the world who has not heard about the healing properties of tea and its active use in Chinese traditional medicine.

Ancient writings indicate that initially only wealthy Chinese consumed tea and used it in medical practice (from about 4000 years ago). And the spread of tea traditions among the common population is usually dated to the 1st century BC.

Each country and continent has its own tea traditions. As for China, Chinese tea ceremonies are special in every region of the country. Especially surprising and, one might say, ancient is the tea ceremony in the southwestern provinces of the country (Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan). These areas are not only considered the founders of tea plantations since ancient times, but they have retained the almost complete “originality” of tea traditions.

And of course, the Chinese tea ceremony in Tibet, which dates back to 700 years, is considered to be very individual. It practices the use of milk and butter tea.

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