Tea Ceremony Table

Table for a tea ceremony with your own hands - Izolit59.ru

When tea is transformed from an unsightly version of a liquid for breakfast or lunch into an independent drink for pleasure, relaxation and thought, the tea variety and aroma reveals the whole variety of tea varieties, interesting stories of their appearance and preparation, and the mystery of the tea ceremony no longer looks like posturing and theatricality.

Choose and give your beloved or friends a table for the tea ceremony to start collecting a collection of beautiful and useful accessories together.

We offer you to pay attention to a complete set for the tea ceremony, which you can buy for a very reasonable amount.

Such a kit may include:

You can begin to master the wisdom of the tea ceremony, having only the minimum necessary – delicious tea and the right utensils.

Further, comprehending the subtleties of the process, an understanding of the deep meaning will come not only in observing the ritual, but also in the value of each item, whether it be a tea table, an intricate spoon for Oolong, or a knife for cutting Puer.

“CHAI-SAN” presents objects of excellent quality and aesthetics, with the help of which you can organize a tea ceremony according to all the canons or simply enjoy a properly brewed tea.

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