Useful Properties of Herbs Ivan Tea

Ivan tea, beneficial properties, contraindications and flower magic

Recently, at the Museum Art May Day, employees of the Samarovsky Chugas Natural Park offered everyone a tasty herbal teas. Ivan tea is a magic herb, but where can I find it and is it possible to drink a drink from it like tea?

Gastritis, neurosis, hangover and cancer …

“In stores, at fairs, they sell the Ivan-tea tea drink (it is also called Koporskaya tea). 150 gram packaging can cost more than 400 rubles. But why buy if this wonderful grass grows with us everywhere? – surprised Lyudmila Usenko, beg. Department of environmental education of the Samarovsky Chugas Natural Park. – Ivan tea contains a lot of useful substances, vitamins. Ascorbic acid in it is 400 mg per 100 g, which is several times more than in lemon, orange, blackcurrant! ”

It is known that ivan tea, or fireweed, has a tonic and restorative effect on the body, increases immunity. It is useful for men to know that Ivan-tea has no equal in the treatment of prostate adenoma and prostatitis, increases male potency, relieves hangover and reduces alcohol dependence.

Women will be glad to hear that this weed is a great antioxidant and prevents aging. It removes toxins, toxins, radionuclides, compounds of heavy metals. It treats skin diseases, purulent wounds can be washed with a decoction of fireweed. Traditional medicine uses ivan tea against cancer. It is especially valuable that Ivan-tea acts gently, is not addictive, it can be used by pregnant, lactating women and even infants.

In Russian or in Chinese?

In Russia, fragrant tea from fireweed has been drunk since ancient times. In the village of Koporye near St. Petersburg (which gave the name “Koporsky” to tea), the old recipe was preserved: young leaves of willow-tea were dried, scalded in tubs with boiling water, ground in troughs, then they were laid on baking trays and dried in a Russian oven. After drying, the leaves crumpled again, and the tea was ready for brewing.

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