Black Tea Harm and Benefit

Black tea benefits and harms, delicious recipes, calories

This does not end with the beneficial properties of a tea drink. After all, each of us, while weakening the body during viral diseases, drank black tea with lemon, honey or milk to improve our condition and support immunity. So, it is not in vain that this drink, together with the above-mentioned supplements, is used for ailments – in a duet they really have healing effects.

Benefit from the outside! No wonder black tea is quite widely used in cosmetology, because its beneficial properties can be exerted not only on the body, but also on the skin. Lotions from this drink without adding any impurities can remove bruises and bags on the skin under the eyes.

In fact, all the possible benefits of black tea lie not only in its use – each time before sunbathing, rubbing the skin with such a liquid prevents sunburn. Moreover, you can wipe not only the body, but also the skin throughout the body. But remember that you do not treat your body with a special cream, but only with tea, so it will not give the long-term effect as a means for these purposes.

And they almost forgot about vitamins! There are so many trace elements in this herbal drink that you yourself did not even know about it. These are calcium, copper, zinc, fluorine, manganese and iron. All these components are needed not only by women in position, but also by all of us, therefore tea should not be excluded from the diet. It is all this benefit that makes everyone’s favorite tea an indispensable daily drink. Have you noticed that after a cup of hot brewing of this drink you get a feeling of coolness? Observe. And now, despite all the advantages, it is worth considering its possible harm, since such a harmless drink in the form of tea can sometimes still be contraindicated.

The harm of black tea

Despite such a moment that black tea is beneficial for the whole body, teeth and gums, it can still adversely affect enamel and harm it if it is consumed in a strong form and too often. Also, its harm lies in the detrimental effect on the mucous membrane, since this drink irritates it. With all this, the whole organism may even suffer, since too strong tea leaves can do harm in the form of tremor of the extremities and even arrhythmias. But this is possible with the systematic frequent drinking of too strong a liquid.

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