Chinese Green Tea Species

Names of Chinese teas with hieroglyphs, transcription, Russian

Where does this number of species come from? What is it, different bushes: some green, others white, third black ?? Nothing of the kind, it’s all one and the same plant, comrades. Everything – a tea bush, or a tree, with green, rather hard leaves, looks like this

In the same way as all apples from apple trees – there are smaller apple trees, higher apple trees, there is Jonathan, and there is a White bulk, but the essence is the same. In addition, one type of apples tastes better to dry, the other bakes, and the third one makes excellent jam, and the leaves from different tea bushes go to prepare different types of tea, depending on the soil, water and climate in which they grow. Of those that grow in the mountains, beautiful oolongs of one kind are obtained, of those in the rocky areas, others. Of those that are lower, the third. In some cases, it is better to use those that grow on top, in some – those that are in the shade, in some the most fleshy leaves, and in some – tender buds. And, as in English, there are always exceptions. I suggest not touching them yet, but sorting out the main seven types.


Tea with a very low level of fermentation (leaf oxidation). Everyone is familiar with green tea: the color of the infusion is light, yellowish-greenish, the taste is fresh, with the aroma of freshly cut grass, flowers and sometimes even fruits. There are a huge number of varieties of green tea (more than a thousand).

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