Fireweed Ivan Tea

Beautiful and healthy ivan tea or fireweed narrow-leaved |

Fireweed or Ivan tea narrow-leaved in different places is called differently: Koporye tea, Fireweed narrow-leaved, Russian tea, dromea, hermit, Kuril tea, down jacket, bread box …

History of Ivan-tea.

According to historians, Ivan tea was drunk in Russia as far back as the 12th century, and tea from China appeared only in the 17th century. The most common name is Koporye tea, named after the village of Koporye near St. Petersburg (here Yaroslav the Wise first tried this amazing drink). Most of the tea was harvested here (they were packed in linen bags) and used not only for their needs, but also exported in huge quantities to Europe from the end of the 14th century. There he was called Russian or Ivan-tea. Later, with the advent of the revolution, production in Koporye ceased.

Collection of Ivan tea.

The leaves of Cyprus are harvested in June-August (depending on the climate) during flowering, sweeping the stem from the inflorescences from top to bottom. Thus, 30-40% of leaves are collected from each bush, leaving several upper leaves and apex intact. This is the most humane way of collecting.

Harvesting Ivan tea (recipes for harvesting).

The first recipe.

Withering: you need to sprinkle tea leaves with an approximate layer of 5 cm and dry them to a state of lethargy. Do not forget to periodically stir up the leaves. Twisting: after drying, the leaves are twisted into small “sausages” until they become dark. Fermentation: leaves that are already twisted are put in a bowl (preferably enameled) with a layer of 5 centimeters and covered with a damp cloth. This is the so-called. ripening process, which lasts up to 12 hours at a temperature of no higher than 27C. Leaves will get a pleasant fruity aroma. Drying: the leaves are finely chopped and laid out in a 1 cm layer on a baking sheet, where they are dried for one hour at a temperature of 100C. Do not overdo it, otherwise the tea leaves will turn into dust.

The second recipe (old way).

Spread the leaves on a linen wet canvas with a layer of about 3 cm. And roll tightly into a roll: Pull the twisted host with a rope or tow. 20-30 minutes Mash the resulting twist with your hands, bending it in different directions:

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