Herbal Teas for Pregnant Women

Can I drink herbal teas during pregnancy?

Not throughout the entire period of carrying a baby, a future mother is tormented by thousands of questions. How will the pregnancy proceed? Will there be any complications? How will the birth go? How much will the baby weigh? And this is not surprising, because the pregnant woman is now in a magical state, a tiny life was born inside her and all her thoughts, worries and feelings are directed exclusively towards the future baby. Many women in a delicate situation try from the very stage of pregnancy planning to childbirth to behave correctly, according to the canons of modern medicine, eat exclusively healthy food, walk a lot, engage in special sports for pregnant women and so on. All these uncomplicated principles are certainly true, the only controversial issue on which there is no consensus among doctors is medicinal herbs and herbal teas. So can you drink herbal teas during pregnancy? Let’s try to deal with this issue.

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