How Green Tea Affects Pressure

How Green Tea Affects Weight Loss - Purple Chang Shu Tea for

Green tea gives wisdom, has a healing effect on a person, strengthens male potency and quenches thirst.

Few people know that the tea plant has the second name Camellia sinois. It is this beautiful literary flower that is in direct relationship with one of the most popular drinks in the world.

To brew a drink, this plant was first grown in China since the time of Emperor Shen Nung. And only in modern history has the International Tea Day holiday begun, which has been celebrated on December 15 since 2005.

Green tea lovers are well aware that its difference from black, red and white lies in the conditions of collection and in the technological features of production. Differences in processing allow you to activate the beneficial trace elements of tea leaf in different compositions and to different degrees, it is known that it contains tannins, flavonoids, theanines, caffeine, various minerals, strong antioxidants such as polyphenols and other useful substances and vitamins. There is a good comparison of green tea with a chemical laboratory in which some reagents have not yet been deciphered. Moreover, the chemical composition of tea changes under the influence of many factors during growth, during processing, and during preparation. Transformation is constantly taking place, which is why there are no trifles in the selection and brewing of tea, every detail makes sense, if it is important to achieve a given result.

The effect of green tea on human health.

Due to the complexity of its composition, tea leaf and its effect on the human body continues to be studied by modern scientists. A lot of scientific and popular works have been written about its benefits, we present a general list of conclusions that are confirmed by medical sources.

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