Jasmine Green Tea Benefits and Harm

Jasmine harm and benefit

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Jasmine is a low bush of the Olive family. It rarely reaches a height of 2 meters in height, has numerous long branches, flexible, having an arched shape, completely covered with small dark green leaves. Jasmine flowers are white, star-shaped, have an unusually fragrant aroma. Flowers bloom at night, so it is best to collect them in the dark or early in the morning.

Perfumers all over the world add essential oil of jasmine flowers to the blends of their perfumes, which gives the aroma a mystery and sophistication.

Calorie Jasmine

The calorie content of jasmine is 1 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and beneficial properties of jasmine

The chemical composition of jasmine contains essential oils, salicylic, formic and benzoic acids, which have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

The soothing properties of jasmine flowers are known, they help relieve headache, abdominal pain and during labor, they are used for cirrhosis and hepatitis (calorizer). Along with this, jasmine is an excellent expectorant, helps to normalize blood pressure.

Folk healers from different countries use an infusion of jasmine flowers as an antipyretic for colds, and as a help for insomnia and depression.

The unusual aromatic qualities of jasmine have been used in cosmetology for centuries to whiten and rejuvenate all skin types, give the skin a delicate shade and moisturize, relieve flaking and itching.

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