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Having highlighted previously aspects that are very significant for the Russian tea ceremony (the importance of the company, the specifics of brewing tea, additives to tea), we did not say a word about one characteristic feature of Russian tea drinking, which (along with other features) fundamentally distinguishes tea drinking in Russian from drinking tea in accordance with many other national traditions.

Not really, of course, tea photography … But with pancakes!

Tea drinking in Russian implies that no one can leave hungry due to a tea table. In fact, Russian tea can replace (at choice) breakfast, lunch or dinner. And sometimes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This does not mean that decent food can be neglected in favor of tea – but the number of snacks in a decent Russian tea ceremony should be such that the most hungry participants of the event are satisfied.

With all the variety of possible Russian tea snacks, they can be quite calmly divided into four groups, different in content and purpose.

The first group of snacks (let’s call them hearty) includes dishes that can be eaten with tea, and in addition to tea. First of all, of course, these are pies and pies with thorough fillings: meat, liver, egg, cabbage, fish, rice, mushrooms, potatoes (what muck), cottage cheese. And, of course, with combinations of these fillings: with meat and mushrooms, rice and egg, etc. To hearty fillings, in principle, bagels can be attributed – if they are spread with butter, then they are a very serious snack. And, of course, pancakes with filling are a hearty snack – in the event that this filling is meat, chicken (with mushrooms and horseradish – delicious!), Vegetable mixes and other amenities.

The second group of snacks (they, in our terminology, will be called light), consists of dishes with which you can intersperse nutritious snacks, and (which is very important), which are conveniently eaten. Such dishes, first of all, include sandwiches and sandwiches – they are most pleasant to eat during a conversation – they are not distracting (unlike pancakes, for example, which you need to eat intently), and support in nutritional tone. Sandwiches and sandwiches are good with red fish of weak salt (best with trout), butter, curd cheese, cucumbers, meat and cheese slices, sprats, pastes – in short, with everything that is usually spread on sandwiches and stuffed into sandwiches.

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