The Harm and Benefits of Green Tea

The harm and benefits of green tea, how much you can drink

Green tea has become widespread in our country not so long ago, but, despite this, many have already managed to fall in love with it.

Today, there are a whole host of recipes for brewing it and each teapot is free to choose his own. In addition, this type of tea can be called one of the most mysterious, the debate about its dangers and benefits have not subsided for a long time.

So, green tea: the benefits and harms of mankind have been known since antiquity, but every year more and more new facts appear of the positive and negative effects of this drink on our body.

For many millennia, the benefits of green tea consisted in the fact that it was a cure for various ailments. Could find scientific evidence of its benefits and modern scientists. Therefore, in this article we will try to figure out how green tea is useful and whether the caffeine contained in it can harm a person.

How much caffeine in green tea

The fact that green tea contains caffeine is hardly a secret for anyone, and there are a lot of this component in its composition. It has been proven that 50 grams of green tea contains the same amount of caffeine as 100 grams of coffee. What does this mean? Just that they should not be abused before bedtime.

Caffeine in green tea can lead to increased irritability, irritability, upset stomach or nausea, only if this component is intolerant. It affects the rest as an encouraging drink that gives vigor and strength.

The chemical composition of green tea, or what is the use of green tea

Scientists have proved that green tea has practically no contraindications, and it owes a beneficial effect on the human body to the components that make up its chemical composition. So, for example, the composition of green tea includes about five hundred important health components: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, fluorine, etc., in addition, green tea consists of more than four hundred compounds, where vitamins and proteins dominate. Therefore, asking whether green tea is harmful is at least unreasonable.

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