Types of Green Tea

Types of green tea - a palette of tastes and aromas !: Production steps

It’s quite interesting to speculate on why green varieties are twisted. The most obvious answer is for beauty. The second obvious answer is that it was convenient to transport, because simply dried leaves break very easily. The intrigue is that this is not the main thing! The main reason why green tea is twisted is to let the dried leaves give out a small amount of juice. It is the juice on the surface of the leaf that starts to ferment, and in the process of fermentation, as we already know, the chemical composition of the tea leaf changes, new aromatic substances appear. Therefore, twisting is primarily a tool for working with the taste of tea, which allows to reveal its potential. For example, for some tea leaves, simply drying is unacceptable – you get a very rough uninteresting taste. But if you twist these leaves harder, for example, to the state of "green powder", the taste will be enriched and become very decent. The opposite situation is also common: for example, no one twists strongly truly elite tea raw materials – the topmost leaves, because by nature these leaves are saturated with a large number of different aromatic substances.

Types of Twists

Let’s look at examples of what type of twist is found in green Chinese tea.

Green gunpowder – Gunpowder – or the Temple of Heaven – is tightly twisted balls from the leaves of the tea bush. Unlike pearls – smaller size, tighter twist, darker color. This tea is considered less "complex" than the twists listed above. Not such typical types of tea are taken for him. Nevertheless, a competent selection of raw materials from plantations for this variety can give even with such a severe twist an unusual tenderness and a rich palette of aromas in the cup.

Spirals / Snail is a freer twist than green powder, and, most importantly, in Ounces for these varieties take the top leaves of the tea bush. The twist is quite dense, so tea is fermented more than the examples of varieties below.

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