Useful Herbs for Tea

Useful herbs for tea on a camping trip | Travik.RU

Tea has long been rightly called the healing drink. Supplemented with herbs, honey or other ingredients, tea is used to treat various ailments, helps strengthen immunity, warms in the cold and improves mood with its rich aroma.

Healing herbs and plants used in tea

In addition to real tea leaves, tea herbs may contain medicinal herbs and plants. They are used as flavoring agents and saturate tea with beneficial properties. The most popular plants for tea:

rosehip – strengthens the immune system, sea buckthorn – fights against anemia, pepper – protects against colds, strawberries, lingonberries – saturates the body with vitamins-mint – normalizes blood pressure, kills germs-lavender – has a soothing effect, nettle – purifies blood.

This is not the whole list of useful plants and herbs for making tea, some of them are used separately, the rest can be used in combination with each other, but in any case this will give a positive and useful effect.

Peppermint Tea Helps Fight Colds

Perhaps the most popular type of tea from all natural herbal drinks is peppermint tea. It is drunk at any time of the year, regardless of the weather and state of health. Mint is added to both black and green tea, and accordingly, formulations with different beneficial properties are obtained.

To get the most healthy drink, tea needs to be brewed correctly. There are several ways to efficiently brew:

Using a metal teapot, you immediately need to add sugar to the boiling water, and then add sprigs of mint and tea leaves. After this, the kettle must be removed from the heat and insisted for at least 15 minutes, mix the tea leaves with mint leaves separated from the twigs in advance and put this mixture in boiled water. Insist in the teapot for 5-10 minutes, wrapping it in order to preserve heat – the most high-quality brewing option is to use a porcelain teapot. It must be doused with boiling water, then put the tea leaves inside and pour boiling water. This brewing option allows you to fully open the tea bouquet and preserves all the benefits of mint.

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